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Standing desks and laptop stands have quickly become more and more popular in the new Millennium, and the reason is clear. Sitting in front of a computer for 8 or 10 hours a day is definitely not good for your health.

A computer stand with an adjustable height allows you to work standing up as well as sitting down, and – most importantly – to shift your working position at will during the workday. It also enables you to use a variety of seats, as the table can easily be manipulated to fit your sitting height.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA standing desk product line!

In manually adjustable computer tables you can set the height of the desktop with a gas spring in the foot of the table. The spring is manipulated with a simple lever under the tabletop.

The electric standing desks in the SELKA product line, on the other hand, are controlled by a mobile app which allows you to choose and set the height of your small computer desk to the centimeter / inch. With the app, you can also count the calories you burn while standing or sitting.

It is self-evident that a convertible computer desk must be as sturdy and long-lasting as any other piece of furniture in daily use. Professional manufacturers with decades of experience, using high-quality materials, can guarantee your desk will endure years of heavy usage.

In modern standing desks, one highly useful characteristic is their easy moveability. You can work in one room in the morning, and in the afternoon, if the kids are a bit too noisy for your conference call, very easily take your small computer desk with you and move to another room. Or if the sun is shining, take your table and your home office to the balcony, and work there!

This moveability also means multi-functionality. When it suits your needs, your work desk can become a corner desk in the kitchen or a side table next to your comfy chair or bed.

A standing desk is good for ergonomics and good for your health, but there are also other uses for the right kind of computer desk. And even with the easy adjustability and moveability, there are different-sized tabletops, some for those who are happy working away with their small iPad, others for those who prefer a full-sized laptop with an external display and stacks of papers next to them.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA standing desk product line!