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SELKAn työpöydissä on kaunis design, joten ne sopivat hyvin myös kodin muihin käyttötarkoituksiin.
SELKAn pieniä tietokonepöytiä on saatavilla lukuissa eri väreissä kuten valkoisena.
SELKAn pieniä tietokonepöytiä on saatavilla lukuissa eri väreissä kuten valkoisena.
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MAHTUVA L 78x50 cm

MAHTUVA L 78x50 cm

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MAHTUVA is an architecturally beautiful and clearly-lined height-adjustable desk that is suitable for small spaces such as homes.

MAHTUVA L is slightly larger than SOPIVA or MAHTUVA S. It is 78cm wide and 50cm deep, which means that in addition to a laptop, the table can hold some papers, a coffee cup, mouse, and phone. The foot of the table has a gas spring, which is conveniently controlled by a lever placed under the tabletop.

The table, made in Finland, prevents pains and aches due to incorrect working positions and can be adjusted to either sitting or standing height.

When there is no need for a desktop, MAHTUVA acts as a high-quality extra surface in the home.

MAHTUVA was designed by the 2019 Furniture Designer of the Year, Ari Kanerva.

The tabletop measures 78 x 50 cm, and the leg adjusts from 70-120 cm high. Weight 25 kg. The tabletop is made of durable solid laminate. The tabletop and stand are the same color.

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