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MAHTUVA L Smart 78x50 - Electric table with battery
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MAHTUVA L Smart 78x50 - Electric table with battery

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MAHTUVA SMART – Save space and effort with an easy-to-move, cordless electric table

MAHTUVA SMART SMART is a height-adjustable and sturdy electric table, controlled by a mobile application. It is suitable for offices, home offices, or even on performance stages. The compact and space-saving size of the table, and its easily removable and replaceable battery, make it a convenient and easy-to-move, cordless, unique electric table. With the help of the mobile application, you can adjust the tabletop to the desired height with a centimeter's accuracy, monitor your calorie consumption, and prevent aches and pains due to incorrect working positions. Designed by Ari Kanerva, the 2019 Furniture Designer of the Year, MAHTUVA SMART is an architecturally beautiful and clear-lined workstation solution suitable for any space, from office to home, and from home office to the living room.  


Color: Black and white

MAHTUVA SMART Features ominaisuuksia:

- Finnish top design, with clear lines suitable for home, office, or home office.
- Desktop height is adjustable via the mobile application with centimeter accuracy. You can also save your most used height settings.
- A mobile application that allows you, e.g., to set goals for yourself, calculate your calorie intake, and set reminders.
- Battery backed and cordless. The battery can be easily removed and replaced.
- Compact and easy to move, it saves space and effort.
- An excellent table solution, e.g., for performance stages, office, or home. Benefits of a height-adjustable desktop:
- Reduces sitting and creates a healthier working position
- Brings variation to the working position and posture during the workday
- Increased standing during working hours can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
- Standing during the working day consumes more calories than sitting
- Prevents aches and pains due to incorrect working positions Table dimensions and delivery terms: The tabletop measures 78 x 50 cm and is made of durable solid laminate. The stand is adjustable from 55-121 cm high. The tabletop and stand are the same color. The table weighs 29.9 kg. Delivery options: (both included in the price) Home delivery (in parts, assemble yourself) Posti Parcel Locker (in parts, assemble yourself)