MAHTUVA and SOPIVA - choose the right table for your home

We offer two different tables for home offices. Both tables have been assembled in Finland and designed by Ari Kanerva, Furniture Designer of the Year in 2019.

SOPIVA is a beautiful and graceful height-adjustable table. The round tube housing the adjustment mechanism is available in many colors.  The table has a gas spring, which makes height adjustment pleasant. Using the handle, you can lock the table at the desired height.  

MAHTUVA, as the name implies, is easy to use with its height adjustment. Just press the handle under the cover and lift or press the cover. MAHTUVA has a square frame and is available with a black, white, or gray stand.

Both tables have a gas spring for easy lifting and are available with either a waxed oak deck or a white painted MDF deck. The tabletops have a slot for easy use of a tablet, and a through-hole for a computer cable.

Alternatively, you can get a SOPIVA with a black MDF cover or a very light-looking aluminum cover. The aluminum cover is painted the same color as the frame.

You can also get a SOPIVA frame in a special color if you wish. Our factory has about 150 colors in stock, and at an additional cost, we can paint your table with one of these. We charge an additional price for a special color. The price depends on the chosen color.

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