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In the time of COVID-19, working at home is becoming a more and more prevalent situation. People working at the home office need to take a good look at their workstation and determine whether it is as healthy and comfortable as possible.

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The home office furniture, particularly the computer desk and chair, are the most important factors in ensuring a healthy work environment. As the home office and telecommuting has for many become the default option, it wouldn’t make sense to spend your workday with makeshift computer desks and chairs.

The very first question to solve quickly in a satisfactory manner is choosing the proper work desk for your needs. A standing desk, in other words a height-adjustable desk, is a recommended solution for any white-collar workers who otherwise would spend practically the entire workday sitting on a chair.

The convertible desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. The modern home office desks are easily adjustable, which means that you can change your working position as many times per day as you wish.

This is of the utmost importance, since it enables you to avoid incorrect working postures and the aches and pains that often follow, and decrease the amount of time you spend sitting. The latter lessens the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. Sitting for extended periods of time – as many do for the entirety of their workday – is very simply bad for your health.

In addition, the modern height-adjustable desks are also conveniently sized, allowing you to easily move them around your apartment from room to room. This comes in handy if you have small children and they play in different parts of the house or apartment at different times of the day.

Besides the office furniture, there are a lot of different aspects to consider. People need to think about second monitors, mice, keyboards, and other computer accessories they want to introduce to their homes. Is your internet connection truly high-speed, how to hide the cords, how to deal with paper clutter, do you get enough natural light to your workstation...

All of these questions can be addressed separately after you have secured health-friendly, multi-functional furniture for your home office.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA work desk product line!