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For a lot of workers, a good working desk or a good workstation is a synonym for a good office computer desk. Such a large part of our work is nowadays done by tapping away at a laptop keyboard or a variety of different end devices.

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In the home office, however, many telecommuters can’t use large-scale and expensive working tables or desktops in the same fashion as in traditional offices. Luckily, modern office computer desks are both smaller and multi-functional so that one genuinely doesn’t need larger furniture any more.

A 68 by 40 cm laptop table can easily accommodate a laptop, cell phone and a stack of papers.

The size of the laptop desktop surface area is dependent on what devices you like to use while working. Some are content to work with an iPad or other tablet with a small wireless keyboard, and with the cell phone by its side. Some people want a full-sized laptop with perhaps an external display to boot, and stacks of paper next to them. And for many, work is impossible without space on the table for a cup of coffee and bottle of water.

A computer desk can be used in a multitude of ways besides work. One person mostly binges on Netflix, others spend their time on social media, while some still write longer narratives. There are suitable computer desks for all purposes.

Multi-functional modern-day worktables are also built up in a way that you can use the work table in the evening as a small corner desk in the kitchen, a bedroom side table or for whatever you’re up to at home.

For health reasons, the computer desk definitely should be adjustable. A height-adjustable computer table allows you to set the working height of the desktop exactly as you desire. The height in these new kinds of tables is also very quick and easy to adjust, which not only guarantees the proper working positions but, more importantly, that you can shift between standing and sitting during the workday.

While you can change the height of the convertible standing desk often and move it around the apartment, the desk obviously has to be sturdy and long-lasting. Quality desks, manufactured by professional furniture makers, such as SELKA, out of first-class materials, meet this standard.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA standing desk product line!